Supermarkets & Grocery

Super asset, maintenance, facility management solution for Supermarkets.Keeping supermarkets maintenance operations running smoothly is easier with CrossForm® . Control costs by avoiding unnecessary dispatch, phone calls and most importantly inventory spoilages. Track refrigerant usage, leaks, and repairs to maintain compliance. 

  • Easily manage equipment by adding to stores, moving from store to store, to inventory, or retiring.
  • Track all components associated with a piece of equipment.
  • Electronically monitor and react to refrigeration alarms based on your predefined business rules.
  • Manage refrigerant by monitoring usage, leaks, and repairs.
  • Assign work to approved vendors and maintain parts and supply agreements to ensure the most efficient rates on parts and labor.
  • Automatically escalate high priority alarms and queue non-urgent alarms into routine service or preventive maintenance tasks.