Client Management

Do even more for customers. CrossForm® Global Client Request System (CRS).The CrossForm® Global Client Request System (CRS) means your customers can go on line to submit requests, check work order status/history, and send you feedback. It’s a password-protected, user-friendly format with no limit to the number of approved clients. CRS means fewer service requests through the Call Center and reduced follow-up calls, freeing your CSRs to focus on the priority calls and improving overall customer support and service.


Easy-to-use Client Request Portal:

  • Takes the headache out of submitting a service request
  • Enables users to directly submit feedback, and track their service requests
  • Automatically populates information based upon the users’ profile
  • Allows for work verification, invoice approval, and pre approval based on configurations
  • Customizable forms ensure all necessary data is captured during order creation
  • iCRS uses GPS for location identification

Download CrossForm® Global CRS Brochure


The building occupants appreciate the quick response times, in the form of an automated email, after they have requested work to be done. Overall, it is a program that works for many different types of users and can be customizable to individual company needs.                                                       EMP MUSEUM