CrossForm® Global works where you work.

At Mainstream Software we believe market adaptation is necessary to create a quality product, and our capabilities have been well-tested over 25 years in over 15 industries including: Property Management, Corporate Facilities, Retail and Restaurant, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Sports and Entertainment, Government, Banking/Finance, Healthcare, Education, Supermarkets,Service Industry, Manufacturing and Industrial, Call Center.

CrossForm® Global has earned its reputation for proven performance in major industries, providing the tools to manage your contacts, resources, and facilities. From utilities and asset lifecycle solutions providers to outsourced service maintenance companies, chances are CrossForm® Global is the enterprise solution for your industry and business. Our ability to tailor the product to meet the needs of a diverse clientele, willingness to respond to input from our users, and insight into the many facets of facilities management mean the right product, the right tools, and the right team to meet your needs.