Solutions Features Overview

Powerful software for maintenance and facility management. When you choose CrossForm® Global, expect the exceptional service, unsurpassed performance and bottom-line impact of a complete, proven enterprise solution from a company committed to strong relationships.


Field Service Management

Performance Features

  • Manage technician profiles, account for all time card processes
  • Plan & track every hour and field task for every technician, from route mapping through work order completion
  • Add optional, secure mobile technology for real time 2-way communication, streamlined change and recording processes


Business Benefits

  • save time, improve assignment accuracy, technician deployment
  • increase field productivity, drive down management costs
  • improve field performance, customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs with full ROI within 20 months

Work Order Management

Performance Features

  • Streamline customer request fulfillment while reducing call time
  • Administer work order cycle start-to-finish, including automated PM dispatch
  • Enhance communications among CSRs, customers, technicians, vendors, administrators through fax, e-mail, text capabilities
  • Capture and report complete information, from problem and equipment category through time & materials costs and margin calculation
Business Benefits

  • save time, reduce costs, improve customer service
  • increase accuracy, completeness, cost-efficiency, productivity
  • save time, reduce redundancy
  • achieve control over total work order management system

Asset Management

Performance Features

  • Organize & monitor equipment, parts & materials across multiple warehouses, customer sites, transfer actions & capture asset information in the field
  • Routinize scheduling and automated dispatch for PM and all recurring orders
  • Rationalize purchasing & invoicing for demand inventory control, streamline billing
  • Manage supplier arrangements & reorder routines
Business Benefits

  • increase inventory control accuracy, streamline auditing, lower costs
  • reduce costs through longer equipment life, less corrective maintenance
  • Increase operational efficiency,
  • Improve cost control & analysis
  • Control costs
  • Avoid unnecessary purchases

Vendor Management

Performance Features

  • Generate, update & report complete work order data with every detail down to costs & billing instructions
  • Streamline accounting & automate billing functions
  • Record & manage all vendor relations information from contracts through costs & performance
  • Add optional, web-enabled vendor tools and/or Interactive Voice Response to speed in-field communications
Business Benefits

  • Improve work order accuracy and vendor efficiency
  • Save time and costs
  • Save administrative time
  • Negotiate better contracts and service improvements
  • Improve overall communications, performance, reduce costs

Inspections Management

Performance Features

  • Complete inspection documentation in the field with guaranteed rating accuracy for all items
  • Create immediate, on-site work orders automatically tied into CSR system
  • Document every detail from repair cost estimates to blueprint & photographic evidence
Business Benefits

  • Save time & costs
  • Raise efficiency
  • Cut down administrative time
  • Take administration, capital project identification and planning to new levels