Our business is software. Our foundation is relationships.

Word travels. That’s how Mainstream has grown steadily since 1989—on the strength of clients who stay and recommend us to others. We are a privately held company built around CrossForm®, a superior enterprise facility and maintenance management solution relied upon by more than 90,000 end users in a variety of industries around the world.

Software second to none.
For clients who come first.

There’s more to Mainstream than powerful software solutions. We deliver value through tailored service experiences.  Our ability to respond to our clients only enhances the ability of our software to meet diverse operating requirements.

Our expert software engineers listen to our users, respond by adding enhancements, customizing solutions, and providing exceptional service and support, either in person or on the phone.

By deploying our scalable, global solutions, clients improve operating efficiency and have reduced call volumes by as much as 60%.  Managers, technicians, vendors, dispatchers, and administrators find our product easy to use.  Our workflow model ensures that work is handled in a streamlined, repeatable process, which leads to reduced costs and efficient operations.