Detailed asset tracking with industry-leading reporting capabilities.

In CrossForm Global, we make it easy for you to track every asset at each of your buildings. Receive automated notifications on services, invoices, insurance expiration dates, bar-codes, and much more. Expansive, automated reporting capabilities (over 300,000 lines of data included!) means you're ready for every status meeting.

Know the what, where, when and how of all equipment, every part.

When you know everything there is to know about parts and equipment past, present, and future, you’re ahead of the game when it comes to managing service needs and inventory levels.

  • User-friendly format makes it easy to create, organize, edit, find and view serialized and non-serialized equipment and monitor inventory
  • Streamlined process to receive and record new assets, tag them as they are installed and optionally assign barcodes
  • Simple actions to transfer assets to another site, back to inventory or retire for good
  • PM job frequency and assignment setting makes it easy to automate dispatch for specified dates, whether scheduled equipment is at one or many locations
  • Work order master plan lets you attach questions and get answers before technicians close work orders: What was the water level? …temperature? …meter reading?
  • PM library details all work order tasks, materials, parts and time, creating a complete audit trail for every piece of equipment
  • Intuitive inventory management includes tracking supplier arrangements to control costs, setting reorder routines, complete activity monitoring and reporting
  • Flexible inventory tracking handles virtual and physical location set-ups, every kind of custom configuration


Additional Information

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