For you. 


CrossForm® Global 

Our web-based flagship software solution that manages your work orders quickly and effectively.


The iPhone mobile application that corresponds with CrossForm® Global so that you can easily modify or complete a work order on-the-go. 


The Android equivalent of our iPhone application with all of the same capabilities.

For your tenants.

Client Request System (CRS)

Your customers, tenants, and building occupants can all go on line to submit requests, check work order status/history, and send you feedback through the CRS portal. CRS means fewer service requests through the Call Center and reduced follow-up calls, freeing your Call Center Representatives to focus on the priority calls and improving overall customer support and service.


Clients are now able to preform every function available in our CRS Desktop Application right on their smartphone or tablet. 

For your vendors.


Vendor Activity Web Site (VAWS)

Enable your service providers to log into their own online platform to view, modify or complete work orders assigned to them - taking the burden of vendor maintenance off your plate. Through our VAWS portal, vendors have more control without having access to your core database. All of the accounting and billing functions provide up-to-the-minute monitoring and analysis of margins and revenues.

Additional modules.


AP Invoicing

The AP Invoice Batch was designed to assist the accounts payable department in the organization of vendor invoices for approval and payment.


Our Inventory Module is used for tracking incoming material and equipment to a specific warehouse and/or bin. Receipts can be entered manually or linked to existing Purchase Orders. When the transaction is posted, the system will also assign serialized tag numbers to each part added.


The Inspection module provides the forms and tools required to collect and store the results of asset condition surveys. Field data collected from multiple locations is used to develop a facility management inspection and capital planning database. 

Mobile Inspections

CrossForm’s remarkable Mobile Inspector software gives your team the ability to optimize and document their asset tracking right in the field. Our embedded bar-code scanner makes searching for a part easy, so you don't need to remember lengthy product numbers. The added functionality moves your administrative and planning functions a step ahead.